Retail Marketing isn't dead, but mediocre or boring retail is.

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Shopping is now more of an experience than a necessity. Traditional retailers should look past the increasing retail failures, and focus on shaking things up instead. Shoppers are bombarded with options, online and offline. Retail locations can offer more than that- they can provide customers with an experience.

People of all ages still visit retail locations, even if their reasons have changed. Children look at toys and imagine themselves playing. Teens use shopping as a way to socialize. Adults relieve stress by browsing the shelves.

Make sure you get to know who your audience is before assuming your design will work. You should be designing based on your target demographics, not just your branding.

When do people shop in-store the most? And who are they?

Let's break it down:

· 89% of women vs. 79% of men prefer intend to shop in-store for holiday shopping.

· 51% of consumers tend to buy clothing and shoes in-store.

· 70% of global shoppers prefer to buy groceries in-store.

· 56% prefer to purchase household appliances in-store.

Design tips:

· Keep everything on your display organized and clean; clutter will cause shoppers to instantly look away.

· Understand that practical shoppers use retail for evaluation, but others enter a store for different reasons.

· Shoppers love variety. People love it when brands have something for everyone.

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